Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Final Blog...

Keeping students engaged is a very hard task from a teacher. But to a student the guidelines are easy. Comeing from a students perspective and after reasearching on the internet i have found the best ways to do so and i completely agree with all of them. First Talk less. That doesnt nessasaraly mean to say fewer words but try to keep things simple, i don care how old and smart you student is the simpler you put it the easier it is for the student.
Also try to be different. Alot of students like techers that are spontanious and outgoin, not a boring mean teacher. Try to have a sence of humor with the kids and get them to like you. Like one of my teachers Mr. MacKay is very outgoing.funny,and interesting and thats why i like his class. History gets boring with constant note taking but he knows how to make it fun.
Last but not least...get up and get active. No one likes to sit in the same seat everyday learning. give the students a break strech and stuff. Also try letting them sit where they want unless it gets totally out of control but even when that happens dont try to rule there life. Kids are difficult and all different. Pissing off one could piss of his friends and that not good for you as the teacher, so basicly in a nutshell you need to give you kids a little space and freedom, you need to be funny,and last but not least be simple.

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